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God Hates Visionary Dreaming

I recently read Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. I loved it. It has profound insight on almost every page (and paragraph!). Consider this quote, where I wrote, “Hmm…” in the margin, which means, “I’m not so sure about this point, and … Continue reading

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“All the troubles men find in marriage…”

Yesterday at Pembroke we looked at Genesis 16. On Genesis 16:5, regarding the “domestic broil” between Abram and Sarai, John Calvin says this: As to domestic broils, we know that the principal part of social life, which God honored among … Continue reading

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Pains and agonies it would have taken the world eternity to endure…

I am preaching Jesus’ cry of abandonment from the Cross this Sunday. I will be reading this (with some paraphrasing) from The Person of Christ, by Donald MacLeod. It’s a bit long, but worth every word, probably even twice. Read … Continue reading

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It’s Almost Like the Sabbath was Made for Man, or something…

A Harvard study recently came out, saying that regular, predictable time off increases productivity. Sue Shellenbarger of the Wall Street Journal writes: “It was 4 p.m. on a recent Friday—a time of the week when I usually relax and leave … Continue reading

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Why the Gospel is Necessary for Racial Reconciliation

Richard J. Mouw in The Kings Come Marching In writes: “…an appeal to the fact of God’s creation of the human race is, in itself, inadequate to establish a basis for racial justice. The perpetuators of injustice can argue that … Continue reading

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“Vapor of vapors,” says the Preacher (1:2). We are starting a study in Ecclesiastes tonight. I am excited about working through this difficult but important book. A good quote to keep oriented in the sometimes-depressing mire of “vapor” and “wind”: … Continue reading

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Our Unbelieving Fears

“There is not any thing that, in our communion with him, the Lord is more troubled with us for, if I may say so, than our unbelieving fears, that keep us off from receiving that strong consolation which he is … Continue reading

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Driscoll Repentant About Acts 29 Culture

Brent Thomas says of Mark Driscoll’s talk at the recent Acts 29 Boot Camp in Dallas: “… towards the end of Driscoll’s talk, he publicly repented of setting the wrong tone for the network. He said that he had allowed … Continue reading

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Financial Crisis and Revival

A good word from over 150 years ago: The autumn of 1857 was signalized by a sudden and fearful convulsion in the commercial world. That calamity was so speedily followed by reports of revivals of religion and remarkable displays of … Continue reading

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The Girly Jesus of Modern Pictures

H.R. Rookmaaker in Modern Art at the Death of a Culture comments on this painting, The Shadow of Death, by William Holman Hunt. To understand this quote, you need to understand the context in which Rookmaaker is speaking. He is … Continue reading

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