Judson Truman Slavich

We just found out our baby is a boy, and we are naming him Judson Truman Slavich.

We actually thought of the name Judson after watching Food Network Star. One of the dudes on Alton Brown‘s (and I love me some Alton!) team is named Judson. Laura said, “Judson, that’s cool name.” It rang in my ears and sat down on me, and I thought, “That’s it!” We had another boy name picked that just never seemed “right” to me. A cool thing: the name Judson carries a weight of Christian legacy. Adoniram Judson was sent in the early 1800s as a missionary to Asia. He was a Congregationalist when he left, but knowing he would meet the great Baptist missionary William Carey in India, he studied the New Testament’s teachings on baptism on voyage. After stuyding, he became a Baptist on the ship to India! He labored faithfully in Burma (present day Myanmar) for almost 7 years before anyone came to Christ. It’s amazing to see how God has blessed his faithfulness: there are now millions of Christians in Burma/Myanmar!

After we thought of Judson, Laura said, “What about Judson Truman?” Truman is the first name of Laura’s grandpa, Truman William Worden. He is the only living great-grandfather, and a godly man who by God’s grace has established a godly legacy in his family. Judson Truman. It sounds so strong, just like the two men who have carried those names.

And I am also stoked that our son will by God’s grace carry on the name Slavich. It makes me think of the heritage and legacy that I carry through this life. I’m proud to be a Slavich, and I’m glad that God seems to want that name to go forward for his glory.

So grateful to God, and so excited to meet this Little Slugger in person (and, yes, he will be raised to cheer for the San Francisco Giants!) 😉


About Danny Slavich

I am a Christian husband, father, pastor, and poet. I lead Pembroke Road Baptist Church a multi-cultural, multi-generational church in urban South Florida.
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