Como Se Dice

I downloaded Propaganda‘s album awhile ago. He is a talented Christian spoken word poet and rapper. One song on his album hadn’t really infected me, though, until a few weeks ago. Since then, I’ve been listening to it non-stop.

When I first met Laura, I wrote a poem about not having the right words to capture her. This song captures that same feeling. Stanzas like this:

Some things can’t even be said in poetry,
but I’ll give it a shot:
You are what I’m not.
What I wish to be,
Let me find a simile.

And, it captures the idea that meeting the “right” person is strange, because it is so “right”,  but feeling “right” is a weird feeling. Because you’ve never felt it before:

It feels so right,
which ironically doesn’t feel right,
’cause it ain’t never felt right.
You feel me, right?

Listen and enjoy.


About Danny Slavich

I am a Christian husband, father, pastor, and poet. I lead Pembroke Road Baptist Church a multi-cultural, multi-generational church in urban South Florida.
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