Abortion this Morning in Louisville

This morning I was reminded again that abortion is a front-line issue, both politically and spiritually. I came to work with Laura this morning (I’m actually in her office right now). She is the director of the Market Street center for A Woman’s Choice Resource Center, located across the street from Louisville’s abortion clinic. A Woman’s Choice sees thousands of women every year with almost 70% of women deciding against abortion after seeing ultrasounds and talking with counselors. (While I was there I ran into Hank on the sidewalk outside of the abortion clinic.)

Encouragement and heart-break abound around a center like A Woman’s Choice. One thing is for sure: this issue needs to be even more central for Christians who believe the biblical Gospel. There were dozens of Catholics outside the abortion clinic praying “Hail Mary, full of grace…” I love their heart for life and commitment to it. But I wish they were praying to Jesus.

There isn’t much more I have to say right now, except that I’m repenting of not being as focused on this issue. This blog is going to be much more “life-centric” from this point onward.


About Danny Slavich

I am a Christian husband, father, pastor, and poet. I lead Pembroke Road Baptist Church a multi-cultural, multi-generational church in urban South Florida.
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6 Responses to Abortion this Morning in Louisville

  1. Tao says:

    Have you heard of Pandeism? Pandeism is a religious position that combines the keys of Pantheism (God is everything) and Deism (God created the Cosmos and ceased to interact with it). The conclusion of Pandeism is that God created the Cosmos by becoming it, and does not interact with it because God has become it and is existing as everything.

    If God is everything, as Pandeists believe, then every abortion is an abortion of God. This does not in itself make abortion a bad thing as every slaying of an animal for food is equally a slaying of God, even when one animal (a wolf perhaps) kills another. The moral element in Pandeism is the amount of suffering caused or prevented by the act. The abortion of a seriously deformed child would likely prevent more suffering than it causes and refusing to do so would be immoral as an overall infliction of suffering against our creator. The abortion of a fetus that can not feel pain (or only feels a pinch and then life is at an end) may be no more significant than stubbing ones toe or spanking a misbehaved child or getting a B instead of an A on a test. But having an abortion for wholly selfish reasons in a way that inflicts unnecessary pain on the child – in the pandeistic world, therein lies the wrong.

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  3. Lee says:

    Tao – fascinating. So is it the “wholly selfish reasons” or the inflicting of “unnecessary pain on the child” that makes such an abortion wrong? Can a Pandeist have an abortion for wholly selfish reasons, but if the abortion inflicts no unnecessary pain on the child, will she and the doctor not commit Theocide?

    In Mortal Lessons: Notes on the Art of Surgery, Richard Selzer has a short but incredibly powerful essay called Abortion. He records what he was surprised to observe when he watched an abortion being performed (24th week); he had never before seen an abortion. (If you’ve never read Selzer, Danny, this would be a good book of his to start with. He reveals the body the way Oliver Sachs reveals the mind.)

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  5. Tao says:

    Except for the person who has learned true detachment from self, all reasons for having an abortion are selfish. Suppose the mother will die if she has no abortion – choosing to continue one’s own existence is a constant exercise in selfishness. Suppose the child will be born with horrible deformities. It is selfish to wish to avoid caring for that child, and selfish even to wish to avoid dealing with the child’s suffering and death from its deformities. What is selfless is to abort not for fear of dealing with the child, but out of love for the child and desire to spare it entry into this painful world.

    But of course, at the other end of the spectrum, conceiving and bearing and birthing a child are selfish acts as well, the thrusting upon a filled-up world another soul with which all must divide their resources, their air and water and opportunities – all so the parent can continue their own genes and achieve some speck of immortality in the life of the instrument that carries it for them.

    The selfishness of the reasons for having an abortion weigh no more than the selfishness of the reasons for having a child. This leaves only the relative suffering of the child as a consideration – the suffering of dying at one point as against the suffering of dying at another.

    Everyone suffers in life, and everyone dies eventually. For most, death is at least uncomfortable and often horrific, if in war or in an accident, or by cancer, or any number of degenerative diseases that afflict the elderly. For the unborn, death may be equally horrific, or it may come before knowledge of pain even exists.

  6. It’s not surprising that 70% of women would choose against abortion if they’ve been counseled against it by anti-abortionists. Women in that position are very vulnerable. Choosing to have an abortion is not an easy thing for most women and to be hounded by someone with an agenda to peddle is morally despicable and indefensible.

    Have you followed up the happiness of those women after their births? Are they coping? Are they fulfilled? Or struggling to make ends meet, without resources and adequate support?

    It is about choice. Of the mothers and not yours. What right do you have to tell people how to live? You might be concerned for the rights of the unborn child, but that does not mean YOU can assume the role of protecting their rights. A good christian would leave distraught women and men alone to make their difficult life-altering decisions in a calm, moderate and caring way, without pressure of any kind.

    Shame on you. Perhaps one day the God you have faith in will show you the error of your beliefs.

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