That Spoon

My dad had never used that spoon before–

it had a hole centered in its wooden bowl.

My sister had done something wrong. “Now you’re

going to get a spanking, sweetie, though

it hurts me more than you.” So to her bare

rear end he slapped that shallow spoon; it snapped

with stinging force — she screamed and where

it struck a welt drew red, a circle like that

new spoon’s round hole. That single swat was all

dad gave. Because as Sarah cried, he dropped

that spoon and hugged her close; and through her bawl

he said, “I’m sorry, my sweetie, and I will not

ever use that spoon again.” So right there and then

he snapped that spoon in half with his bare hands.


About Danny Slavich

I am a Christian husband, father, pastor, and poet. I lead Pembroke Road Baptist Church a multi-cultural, multi-generational church in urban South Florida.
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2 Responses to That Spoon

  1. sarah says:

    I love this.

  2. Ripley says:

    Great post.

    Where did this come from?

    Is there going to be a sequal about Danny’s rear-end getting spanked? Just curious…

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