Running Scared, ch. 14 — “Where is My Treasure? Whose Kingdom?”

See, I didn’t forget about Running Scared. I am up to chapter 14 (blogging-wise), and I intend to continue. Also C.J. Mahaney has posted on the book here and here. Check it out.

Without further ado, chapter 14:

This is the last chapter in the section “On Money and Possesions.” A theme woven throughout the book is that of allegiances — worry reveals what we trust and what we are devoted to. “You stand either with the true God or the consortium of the Devils, idols, and your own desires” (159). Follow the money, Welch says, both what you have and how you spend it. It will show you what is important to you.

“It’s time to choose sides” (161).

Treasures on Earth

Worry “is not simply an emotion that erodes our quality of life or a pain to be alleviated. It is a misdirected love that should be confessed” (163).

Treasures in Heaven

Start with Confession. I marked this quote with a “!” and a “*”: “Find anxiety about finances and you find sin; it is as simple as that” (163). The only way out is to confess our sin. And “Confession changes everything. When we confess to God that our worry is a sin against him, we turn away from the kingdom of earth” (164).
Let the Kingdom Attract You
The joy that the Scriptures describe about finding the Kingdom and ridding yourself of all other allegiances seem too good to be true — but “Don’t write it off as impossible. let it be a vision and hope that invades your prayers” (165). Invades your prayers… that hits me because I pray so little and I worry so much. Maybe not about money, at this point, but about so many things. How often, though, when I sit at the Lord’s feet and pray for peace does he give it to me!
Storing Up Treasures in Heaven. Walk by faith. Fix our eyes on Jesus. “Life in the kingdom is about a person. It is about a person…. Jesus loves more. He makes the first move toward us” (165).
This hits me where it hurts, because my anxiety and worry is so introspective, eating in on itself. But looking to Jesus — that’s where peace is. Like Paul says, “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts…” Look to Jesus and find peace.
A Personal Response
Confess. Seriously. Do it.
And, if you worry like I do, buy this book.

About Danny Slavich

I am a Christian husband, father, pastor, and poet. I lead Pembroke Road Baptist Church a multi-cultural, multi-generational church in urban South Florida.
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One Response to Running Scared, ch. 14 — “Where is My Treasure? Whose Kingdom?”

  1. Ben says:

    “Find anxiety about finances and you find sin; it is as simple as that”

    That seems somewhat overstated. I don’t know, couldn’t there be a situation in which anxiety about money came from a godly desire? If I don’t have enough money to take care of my family, there are real consequences for that.

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