A Question about Blogging

I think most evangelical-type bloggers would say that blogging is, in part, a way to engage the culture. There are two tacts that can be taken in that way: first, speaking into the culture and, second, speaking about the culture.

From what I can see, however, it seems that most of the evangelical blogging that goes on is an example of the second way of engagement — speaking about the culture.  And this is helpful.

I by no means read the majority of blogs from an evangelical perspective. However, it does seem that there is a lack of balance; I don’t see much in the way of speaking into the culture. I could be and hope that I am wrong on this.

Still, I don’t know how we should speak into the culture through blogging. That is my question. How do we do it?


About Danny Slavich

I am a Christian husband, father, pastor, and poet. I lead Pembroke Road Baptist Church a multi-cultural, multi-generational church in urban South Florida.
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8 Responses to A Question about Blogging

  1. Ben says:

    Hey Danny,

    Good thoughts! That’s a hard question.

    To me, it seems that there might be two key components. first, the blogger would have to have some access to a non-Christian audience for a seperate reason. For instance, they might be well known for secular accomplishments or success.

    Second, the blogger would have to have the restraint to speak about their life without over-analyzing it by Christian standards. In other words, they would have to avoid alienating their readership by using standards for analysis that the reader could identify with… and therefore avoid much theology, or cultural analysis, or the like.

    Anyways, just a couple of thoughts- your excellent question gets the juices flowing! Thanks.


  2. Ben says:

    I think you already know the answer. You write about stuff like cappuchino machines or guitars that will draw bored people to your site. And then hope that they read the other stuff and are interested. And, of course, stop believing in monergism.

  3. Danny Slavich says:

    Ben, I appreciate your thoughts here. I am thinking about them, and how I can be “a better blogger.”

    I would stop believing in monergism.

    But I read the Bible too much 😉

  4. Tato says:

    Ouch… and I’d have to agree with the first Ben’s comments. The first thing that popped to my mind is the fact that you would h ave to have an audience that was non “evangelical” to speak into culture. I think it can be done though. You can write up reviews on books that you read in the same way that you write up reviews on books that are Christian in theme… or apply that to movies or books. If you ever read Ben Witherington’s blog you see that he does a bunch of stuff like that. I don’t really read his stuff because it is quite lengthy sometimes, but I check in every now and then.

    All in all though, I think that blogging is a rather weak way to engage in culture. It is passive in nature – requiring that someone visits your site. I know that the argument here wasn’t that it was a good way, but a way.

  5. slm07 says:

    You said, ” But I read the Bible too much”.

    How is that possible?! Jesus Christ IS the Word (Bible). The Bible is the Christian’s guide book in EVERYTHING. How else do you learn His ways and how we are to live this life? Jesus said in Matthew 4:4 “It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.”
    And that’s what the Bible is. I think you should stop trying to “speak into the culture” and just speak the truth of God’s Word to whoever will listen.

  6. Lee says:

    slm07 – not to worry. Danny was just taking a shot at Ben #2’s anti-monergist position. There’s a lot of history behind that little exchange!

  7. Ben says:

    Ah, I can’t help myself.

    The Pharisees read the Bible too much, didn’t they? The Bible is intended as a pointer to God, and is not God Himself. If your Bible study puffs you up with knowledge rather than leading you to a humble submission to the person of Jesus Christ, then, yes, you are reading the Bible too much.

    But in Danny’s case, it was a joke.

  8. Reid says:

    Write interesting stuff about things in culture – because you like those things as well. Authentic interest, not some goofy “look, I like TV too” cultural engagement.

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