Redeeming Commute Time

Yesterday I asked for suggestions on how to best redeem my commute time. Thanks everyone for the input. Here, then, are some practical suggestions to redeem time spent in the car.

1. Silence and prayer before God. I think this is a particularly good one for me on the way to work, when light has not yet dawned and few cars are on the road. I had been trying this for awhile — asking God for grace and opportunities throughout the day. Sometimes, however, I find it easier to just listen to music when I think my time could be better spent in this way.

2.  Audio Bible. I know this works for some people, but the audio Bible thing has never worked for me. Too many things are happening when I’m driving, and if I lose focus for a moment, I feel lost in the midst of the words being read.

3.  Talk Radio. I try to listen to NPR to learn and keep abreast of world happenings. This is good, but I think it also requires discernment. Hearing about the status of the presidential candidates might not always be the best use of time.

4. Sermons/Lectures. This is something I want to pursue more intentionally, especially the lecture part. Covenant Seminary in St. Louis has a number of courses available online. Sermons are great, but often I get so overloaded with “Application” that I can’t process it all. However, I think that, for example the lectures on Francis Schaeffer would be helpful.

5.  Phone calls. This is a good one, but also a hard one. Most everyone I “need to call” is busy when I’m in the car it seems.

6. Scripture Memory. Yes. I need to do this.

7. Greek/Hebrew Vocab practice. I have Dr. Pennington’s Greek Vocab CD’s, and I was using them for awhile. I should still work on this one.


About Danny Slavich

I am a Christian husband, father, pastor, and poet. I lead Pembroke Road Baptist Church a multi-cultural, multi-generational church in urban South Florida.
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