Redeeming My (Commute) Time

I drive probably an hour or so a day. I want to use it wisely.

How should I use it?

(This is me asking for suggestions).


About Danny Slavich

I am a Christian husband, father, pastor, and poet. I lead Pembroke Road Baptist Church a multi-cultural, multi-generational church in urban South Florida.
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9 Responses to Redeeming My (Commute) Time

  1. Drew Dixon says:

    I spend close to hour every day driving. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I can’t say that I always spend it productively. If I am honest I would have to say I spend most time listening to various independent music.

    But the more productive things I try to do in this time include:
    1. listen to a sermon series, not spoty sermons here and there but good biblical preaching every week.
    2. I listen to conservative talk radio. This is interesting and aggrivating at the same time. It is helpful however to listen to the radio and keep up with what is going on around us.
    3. I call people. THis is dangerous, but sometimes it seems a great opportunity to make phone calls, maybe only do this if you are on a relatively traffic-free interstate or something.
    4. I have been trying to make it a discipline to turn off the radio/cd player a few times a week and just spend some time thinking about the Lord and in prayer. This is probably the best use of time I can think of for the commute. Sometimes I might just think about a Scripture that I read and how I can be applying it or just pray for people I said I would pray for. It can be very fruitful.

    I recently starting reading your blog a bit–good stuff Danny. I prayed for you today.

  2. Ben says:

    Talking on your cell phone while driving is so 1997. In Korea, only old people do that. You need to start texting while driving, or better yet, blogging while driving.

  3. Ben says:

    No, seriously, though … did you ever read “Practicing the Presence of God”? BL felt he could connect with God while doing the dishes. Maybe you just need to meditate. I know that when I would walk to work (1/2 hour each way) I would listen to Christian (well, Orthodox) radio. Sometimes, though, doing “Christian things” can distract us from God. I find that the best times, if the most difficult, of connecting with God are ones where you don’t have the assistance of other people or anything like that.

  4. nathanwells says:

    I think audio Bible is a good way to go. I don’t always, but I find it a pretty cool way to spend long hours in the car. Also just making it your practice to pray whenever you are in your car – like what Ben said.

    I waste a lot of time in my car. I need to get back to redeeming it.

  5. Lee says:

    Orthodox radio?

    Like I mentioned somewhere else recently, memory verses work well for me (even during my < 15 minute “commute”, which only happens 1-2 times a week). They have the side effect of making it impossible for me to be mad at my fellow commuter while I’m meditating on a verse — it’s either be mad (and stop meditating, which is straightforward rebellion), or take the thought captive…

  6. Ben says:

    Yeah … … I used to listen to it a bunch on my phone, back when I had internet on it. It’s nice, a lot of chant-type liturgical worship and most of the speakers are of the Dr. Nassif variety (he has his own show, in fact) — more friendly to evangelicals, and they all have a fresh perspective on following Christ that helps me to see things from a different angle. It’s kind of a nice change of pace; I can’t really stomach evangelical Christian radio like KLOVE, etc.

  7. Tato says:

    I am not very good at “redeeming” the time of my commute since it is less than 5 minutes… I do favor listening to music simply because it is one of the few times that I get to do so and I find that my mind is a bit more creative after I get times to do so…

    I bought the Experience Audio Bible (NT) last year… it was kind of cool, but I never got around to seriously listening to it. It was a great change of pace from more “stale” readings, plus who wouldn’t want to have Samuel L. Jackson’s voice be the voice you think from now on when you imagine God speaking in the text?

  8. Tato says:

    oh, and there are always Greek and Hebrew vocab CDs… at least I saw some a while ago.

  9. Jordan says:

    I really liked my Bible Experience. The Old Testament just came out; I guess you could listen to the whole thing now. That might be fun, go from Genesis to Revelation.

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