Tuesday List: Prayer Chart(ing)

Aside from my prideful desires for fame and acclaim, I write this blog to keep myself accountable to write. External structure motivates me more than an “internal drive”. I wish it were different. But acting like it’s not is like squeezing into pants that used to be loose, and thereby convincing myself that I haven’t gained more than 25 pounds since the whole “meet a girl, fall in love, get married” process. That is, treating myself like I am internally motivated ends, for me, in doing nothing. So I try to create for myself external structures for success. This blog is a means to that end.

Anyway, this relates to today’s list because for about two weeks I’ve been wanting to re-chart a prayer pattern for myself — what to pray on what day. Because the need of the whole world overwhelms me. And, because I don’t know where to stop, I often end up not praying for important things.

So here is this week’s list. A prayer “chart”.

Also, I could easily and understandibly categorize these groups differently. And some things will overlap, but I won’t sweat that. Praying for something twice or at a different time/group probably doesn’t hurt anything. The strategy is to pray for both the “daily” items and the items from that day of the week. So, for example, on Sundays I would pray for our church and for all the “daily” items below.

I think a helpful rubric for praying for myself, my wife, family and friends, et al is something like this:

1. Spiritual growth and life.

2. Current and pressing needs/situations.

3. Current employment and related people/situations.

4. Evangelistic opportunities.

5. Future plans/goals


1. Laura and myself.

2. Our “more immediate” families.

3. Our community group/small group(s).

4. Other close friends.


1. Sunday:

Crossing church. The leadership. The ministries. Continued growth and influence. Biblical fidelity, etc.

2. Monday:

My home church: West Hills Community Church.

My parents’ church: Calvary Chapel Gilroy.

Laura’s home church: First Baptist Pompano Beach

3. Tuesday:

Extended family.

4. Wednesday:

More “distant” friends/people I don’t have much contact with anymore (This is not necessarily a geographical category).

5. Thursday:

The US Government, leaders. World political situations.

6. Friday:


7. Saturday:

Missions. Missionaries I know. A country from Operation World.

So, there it is. By no means perfect or unalterable, but a good start.

If anyone sees something that should be inserted somewhere, please let me know.


About Danny Slavich

I am a Christian husband, father, pastor, and poet. I lead Pembroke Road Baptist Church a multi-cultural, multi-generational church in urban South Florida.
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2 Responses to Tuesday List: Prayer Chart(ing)

  1. Lee says:

    Good list — and a good approach (the “external structure” part — you understand yourself and what you need to do in order to accomplish a goal).

    How’s it going so far?

  2. dslavich says:

    It’s going alright. It’s hard to hunker down and pray after working at 5:00 a.m. a lot of mornings…

    But still, it’s better than before I had made the structure.

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