The Spirit, The Mediator

Now, I don’t intend to make this a dissertation or even a fluid thesis. It’s a meditation, so please, don’t make it more than that.

When I think about the role of the Spirit in our lives, something consistently has struck me: that the Spirit mediates our knowledge of God generally and Christ specifically. God the Spirit reveals to us the fullness of God, the triune God, and without the Spirit we would have no specific knowledge of the divine nature. I’m thinking through this more theologically than exegetically, and, though I think Scripture will bear this out, I’m not going to offer a litany of proof-texts for my point.

I’m not saying that this is something new, but it’s not something I’ve read about specifically. I’ve drawn this from things I’ve read, both in theology and in Scripture. I want to read more on it, as I’m certain that many good things have been written on it. But this is more me making conclusions from other biblical/theological points.

One might call this the two-fold revelation from the Spirit, found objectively and subjectively. Objectively, all of Scripture is “God-breathed”, written by the Spirit of the living God. If the Spirit inspired Scripture, and all it contains, if all of divine revelation, Old and New Testaments, God breathed by his Spirit, then, it seems the Spirit in this way mediates God’s revelation. Because all of Scripture preaches Christ, then the Spirit mediates Christ to us in this “objective” way.

But we also have been promised and do experience a “subjective” knowledge of Christ, which, again, the Spirit mediates to us. Upon his ascension, the risen Lord sent the paraclete, the helper, who dwells intimately with those in Christ. More closely, in fact, than the disciples experienced when Christ walked this earth. In a way that confounds my capacity to understand, the Spirit dwells in and with us, both as the Spirit himself, and as Christ to us.

So, how we would know our triune God and Christ, specifically, without the Spirit?

We wouldn’t.

I’m not sure I’ll ever be a mystic, but I do believe that I need to work to recapture a sense of the “presence” of God with me (which has been a trendy concept recently in some circles). God is present with me, and he’s not present as some aura of mystical cloudiness. He presents himself to me, he presents himself to me as the Spirit of the crucified, risen and ascended Son. He gives to me that which is Christ’s, applies it my account, and manifests that glory to me.

My Father-God adopts me in his Son, through his Son, and all that is the Son’s is mine, through the Spirit, who meditates and is, in fact, the inheritance of my adoption.


About Danny Slavich

I am a Christian husband, father, pastor, and poet. I lead Pembroke Road Baptist Church a multi-cultural, multi-generational church in urban South Florida.
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One Response to The Spirit, The Mediator

  1. Lee says:

    Good stuff! Piper highly recommends Owen’s Of Communion with God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, which I hope to delve into soon.

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